you say goodbye and I say hello

Welcome to EcoVelo. This site is the public expression of our personal commitment to reduce our impact on the environment by employing bicycles as our primary mode of transport. By sharing what we learn from this endeavor, while also providing an aesthetically pleasing experience that celebrates the beauty of the bicycle and the joys of everyday bike riding, we hope to inspire others to make a similar commitment.

As of January 1, 2012, this site is no longer being updated. It will remain live at this location as a resource for the transportation cycling community until at least January 1, 2014.

Over the 3.5 years that EcoVelo was active, we generated 3,320 posts of various sorts including road tests, product reviews, op-ed pieces, technical articles, advocacy and infrastructure news pieces, and a myriad of other tidbits related to using bicycles for transportation. Along with our regular daily blog posts, we also curated an extensive commuter bicycle gallery and a large collection of bicycle commuter profiles. Two of our most popular features were our Reader Photo Contests and the Bike Commuting 101 instructional series for beginners.

Probably the best way to surf around the site is by using the links in the left-hand sidebar. If there’s something specific you’re looking for, you might also try the search box at the top left. And, if you have lots of time to burn, you can always peruse our massive Archive Page that includes direct links to each-and-every one of the 3,300 + posts.

Thanks for visiting!
—Alan & Michael

Sobre paulofski

Na bicicleta. Aquilo que hoje é a minha realidade e um benefício extraordinário, eu só aprendi aos 6 anos, para deixar aos 18 e voltar a ela para me aventurar aos 40. Aos poucos fui conquistando a afeição das amigas do ambiente e o resto, bem, o resto é paisagem e absorver todo o prazer que as minhas bicicletas me têm proporcionado.
Esta entrada foi publicada em bicicultura com as etiquetas , , . ligação permanente.

apenas pedalar ao nosso ritmo.

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